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Anthony Stoneware has a full line of functional stoneware products.  For nearly thirty years the Anthony Stoneware Gallery Collection of functional ceramic designs has been presented in the finest craft galleries and shops throughout the United States.

Each piece is handcrafted on the potter's wheel or constructed from clay slabs using techniques that we have been developing in our studio since 1966.

Periodically "new" designs are added to a growing group of "classic" works.  Some items such as the "Chicken Cooker" have been in the collection so long that they have become signature pieces.

All ware is fired to 2400º F to create a very durable, vitreous product that will not decay, fade, or breakdown in UV light and, with care will become an heirloom.

Our glazes are formulated from our recipes.  They are lead-free, dishwasher & microwave safe.  We offer these colors:  White, Royal Blue, Teal Blue, French Blue, Lavender Blue and Butternut.

Even though we are primarily a wholesale company, if you are not near a shop or gallery which sells our work, we will arrange a retail sale when you contact us.


In 1981, the "chickadee feeder" was introduced to our national network of craft galleries.  This small pot was so well received that we designed a collection of 6 houses & feeders around it.  In 2001, the "for the BIRDS COLLECTION" was presented to the Birding Industry.  In 2002, we introduced 7 new items.  The response has been enthusiastic and affirming.

The “for the BIRDS COLLECTION” are beautifully crafted functional ornaments designed to bring the lively activity and color of birds into the garden and our lives.

Our "for the BIRDS COLLECTION" has been very well received at the Atlanta "BIRDWATCH AMERICA" marketplace, which services WILD BIRD CENTERS, WILD BIRDS UNLIMITED, many independent birding & nature retailers as well as garden centers from the Florida Keys to Anchorage, Alaska.

All items are proven sellers.  You can order with confidence.  You may return anything with which you are not happy.  Please call if you need additional information, we look forward to hearing from you!


The “Bird in Flight” Collection consists of 7 items for use in enjoying wild birds in one’s environment. The wonderful sight of a bird soaring into the sky, flying overhead or coming to alight nearby catches the imagination and wonder of everyone. The Dove of Peace is probably the most common image of a bird in flight with an olive branch in its beak.

The “Bird in Flight” Collection is conceived to bring such fond thoughts into our daily lives as we appreciate wild birds.

These products are all hand made of high-fired stoneware clay.  The vitreous nature of the material and design of each piece precludes any weather related problems of rot or rust from moisture, UV degradation or breakage from freezing.

All of the Bird in Flight Collection is available in 6 colors: White, Royal Blue, Teal Green, French Blue, Lavender and Butternut. 

2 Bird Baths, a Hanging House, Nesting Box, 2 Sided Hanging Feeder and 2 sizes of hospitality serving bowls complete the collection.

Hanging bath is:  12” dia. x 3” and is hung with 90# stainless steel coated wire. Fashioned in the profile of a bird in flight.

Pole and cork mount bath is: 10”dia. x 3”. A cork is included for bottom mount on a railing or other flat surface. For pole mount, a rebar and metal sleeve are included for installation in a garden flower border or rock garden. Instructions are included for both installations.

Hanging House is a full-breasted bird in flight in profile: 10”dia. x 4” with a small entry for resident birds. It is hung with 90# stainless steel coasted wire.

Nesting Box is used by installing on a tree or side of a building and has easy clean out from the open back. It is: 10”dia. x 5” with a small entry for resident birds.

2 Sided Hanging Feeder is a full-breasted bird in flight in profile with feeding openings and perches on both sides. Birds will feed simultaneously from both sides even when a breeze causes the feeder to spin gently. It is10”dia. x 4”.

The Large and Small Bird in Fight serving bowls work well as salad or soup serving pieces as well as a chip and dip set.