Ikibana is the traditional Japanese art of flower arranging, which expresses the philosophy of “ less is more” by using few items in the arrangement and following design concepts of the completed arrangement having its outline follow a basic geometric shape; most often a triangle.  To accomplish that end, the elements of the arrangement are typically secured to a “pin frog” which has been attached to the bottom of a shallow container.

Both Ikibanas offered are slab constructed and serve their purpose functionally and artistically. The square-dish ikebana comes with a 1” pin frog and the long-curved ikebana comes with a 2” pin frog secured in place.  Only a small amount of water is required to maintain freshness of the floral elements.

Measures 9”x9” and 10”x3 ˝”.

Available in 5 colors:  Teal, Royal, French Blue, Butternut and Black.